2019 Football Parking Expectations

Release:  March 01, 2019
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Each year the reassignment of football parking to IPTAY donors can be a difficult task. Balancing the loyalty and generosity of IPTAY members alongside the ever changing inventory as parking areas change from year to year, requires significant attention by our parking committee.  The most significant changes to parking in the past decade are outlined below:

2003:   the addition of the indoor track facility took the place of several hundred car and camper spaces

2006:   the first year parking was reassigned using priority ranking of membership level and points within that level

2007:   the renovation of the golf practice range eliminated the remaining non-numbered RV/camper spaces

2010:   the construction of the Scroll of Honor took the place of over 250 spaces behind the east end zone of Memorial Stadium

2016:   the relocation of the soccer practice fields to what had been lot 13 took the place of nearly 1,200 vehicle spaces

The 2019 season will be added to this list as we manage the loss of nearly 900 high demand spaces both near the stadium and across campus.  The addition of the softball stadium, changes at Douthit Hills housing, stadium security improvements and the need for handicap shuttle parking are all having an impact on our assignable inventory. With this annual reassignment, there has always been the chance that your space can change from one year to the next, but when we lose a significant number of spaces, and in highly requested locations, this can create a ripple throughout all parking lots. 

While the details of how we will address these losses are not finalized, we are working through options to expand current lots, add new lots and/or change the layout of lots to address this loss of space.

What does this mean for parking eligible ($400 and order at least 2 full season football tickets) IPTAY donors?

All IPTAY donors who pledged and completed 50% of their donation by February 15, 2019 will be able to access their 2019 online football ticket and parking application beginning this Friday, March 1.  Prior to completing your application, we highly encourage all IPTAY donors requesting parking for the 2019 football season to  review the interactive football parking map on www.ClemsonTigers.com/IPTAY          under the tickets and parking tab. The map can be segmented by each giving level to review which parking lot/space options will be available for you to request on your application.  With significant inventory losses it is difficult to know which areas will rise in demand, therefore it is important to review the map only as a guideline and not a guarantee of assignment. However, it is a good resource when you are deciding what you want to request on your application and what you are likely to receive.  It is also of the utmost importance to give meaningful consideration to your second and third parking requests.  As our staff makes these assignments we want to assign you to a location that you request, which is only possible if we have multiple choices requested if the first option is not available when your membership comes up for assignment.

Thank you again for your continued support of IPTAY and the Clemson Tigers! If you have questions regarding the football parking assignment process, please reach out to our parking committee via email at iptayparking@clemson.edu. It is our goal is to provide great parking and a tailgating environment that can be enjoyed by your family and friends that come onto campus each Clemson football game day. Despite these upcoming changes, your support of our program is what makes Clemson one of the best college football environments in the country. Go Tigers! 

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