Football Parking Reprint Procedures

Release:  January 01, 2020
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If your 2020 Clemson Football parking pass is lost, stolen or damaged and you need a replacement please read the following. 

Numbered Parking Space

If you are requesting a replacement pass for a numbered space parking pass it can be replaced for $30/pass.  These can then be shipped to your physical address or available for pickup at the IPTAY office between 8am and 4:30pm Monday through Friday.  Only the account holder can request a reprint and only the account holder can pick up or have the pass shipped to the address associated with the account.

Area Parking Space

Unlike stadium tickets we do not have the technology in place to scan parking passes.  Because of that we aren’t able to void a parking pass that is lost and reprint another one for the IPTAY account holder.  With our area parking lots at capacity, any additional passes reprinted would run the risk of overfilling the lot.  Therefore, IPTAY will not reprint area parking passes.  If the pass is damaged in any way and the account holder can provide the damaged pass(es) to IPTAY then the pass(es) can be reprinted for the same $30/pass fee.

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