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2018 Clemson Football Parking Assignments Released

Release:  July 16, 2018

2018 football season ticket locations are now available to view online at by logging into your IPTAY/ticket account.  If you are a donor at the $400/Orange level and above and you ordered at least 2 renewable full season tickets then your parking location is also available to view by logging into your account. Once you are logged in follow the links to the 2018 football season and your order history.  The information shown includes letters and numbers that are not relevant to your actual assignment and are simply the way our assignment software program accounts for all types of tickets and parking passes.  Please refer to the examples below and the list of all parking lot abbreviations when reviewing your assignments for this season.

Example 1:

My order history says that my parking assignment is P:DH:1:20,20 . The P indicates that the following is your parking assignment.  Since DH (abbreviation for Douthit Hills) is an area lot then the 1:20,20 can be ignored.  Your assignment for this season, in this example, is the Douthit Hills area lot.

Example 2:

My order history says that my parking assignment is P:1R:3:321,321 .  Again the P indicates that this is your parking assignment.  The 1R is the abbreviation for Lot 1; lower intramural field below Fike Fieldhouse.  You can ignore the next number “3” (row in the assignment software) and then 321 which is your actual space assignment in this example.

There are several new parking locations, new names and abbreviations and changes from being an area lot to a numbered parking lot.  Please click here for specifics on your assignment.  Parking lot maps and space layouts are available on the football parking information page using the links to the lot layouts or by using the interactive parking map.


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