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IPTAY Concludes 2019 Year With $63.7M In Donations

Release:  August 23, 2019

The “One-IPTAY” enterprise has been the backbone of Clemson University Athletics for more than 85 years. The support provided by thousands of members of the Clemson Family continues to keep the Tiger athletic program strong. That was again true for the IPTAY 2019 year that ended on June 30, 2019. With the books now closed, IPTAY is excited to report that a total of $63.7M in total donations were raised. This is the second largest annual total in the storied history of the organization. Only outpaced by the IPTAY 2018 year, which reached a total of $64.9M in donations. Just in the the past six years, from 2014-2019, the "One-IPTAY" has raised a total of $337.7M in support of Clemson student-athletes. 

Membership again remained strong with 17,115 priority donors contributing to IPTAY. This is the third consecutive year that priority donors have eclipsed the 17,000-donor mark. In addition to priority donors, the IPTAY Collegiate Club had more than 8,000 donors and the IPTAY Tiger Cub Club nearly reached 2,000 donors in 2019.

Davis Babb, the CEO of IPTAY had this to say on the conclusion of IPTAY 2019. “First, I would like to thank the thousands of members of the Clemson Family for their support of IPTAY! Their generosity is a major factor in our athletic programs continued success; allowing our nearly 500 student-athletes to be champions in the classroom and in athletic competition. We again have much to be proud of as we look back on the IPTAY 2019 year. Highlights include elite APR scores, a national championship, the completion of the new Duckworth Family Tennis Center and more. None of this would be possible without our IPTAY donors and we are forever grateful for their commitment to the Clemson Tigers!”

For a complete recap of the IPTAY 2019 year, including a breakdown of donors by membership level, youth program results, the Block C Club and more, follow the link below to the recently published IPTAY 2019 Year In Review.

IPTAY 2019 Year In Review 

Originally, the letters IPTAY stood for “I pay ten a year.” Begun in 1934 to give the Clemson athletic program the support it needed, IPTAY is now one of the most successful athletic fundraising organizations in the nation. IPTAY donors provide millions of dollars in scholarships for student-athletes and non-athletes alike. It also has provided substantial support for programs and facilities that help Clemson Athletics stay competitive in collegiate sports.

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